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Jim Baker October 5, 2019
"This place is dangerous to my credit card... lol. There is a lot cramped onto a small display floor and I always discover something that I must have. If you've never been there, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. The people there are wonderful!"
Gina Bauers August 23, 2019
"Always satisfies all my needs"
Nikki Beach June 4, 2019
"Sarah was able to help us with our requests and we were able to purchase everything we came for. Thx Sarah! Wonderful quality on the servers' Albs."
Steve West April 11, 2019
"Excellent place and Service"
Amanda Rihm March 30, 2019
"Always so nice and helpful"
Barb Elking March 16, 2019
"Amazing service and so friendly and helpful"